Portuguese Nationality by Attribution

Portuguese of origin

Portuguese Nationality through Portuguese parents

Children of a Portuguese parents (one or both), born abroad who register their birth in the Portuguese civil registry, or declare that they want to be Portuguese.

  • It applies to minors, children of a Portuguese mother or a Portuguese father born abroad;
  • It applies to adults of Portuguese mother or Portuguese father, born abroad, provided that they prove that the filiation, relative to the Portuguese parent, was established during the minority.

Sons of Portuguese mother or Portuguese father born in Portuguese territory;

The offspring of a Portuguese mother or a Portuguese father born abroad if the Portuguese parent is at the service of the Portuguese State;

Portuguese Nationality through Portuguese grandparents

Individuals born abroad with at least one ascendant of Portuguese nationality of the second degree in the straight line who has not lost that nationality are Portuguese of origin.

For this they must declare that they want to be Portuguese, and have ties of effective connection to the national community.

The verification of the existence of bonds of effective connection with the national community implies the recognition by the Government of the relevance of such ties, namely due to the sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language and the existence of regular contacts with the Portuguese territory, and depends on non-conviction, with a final sentence of judgment, of a crime punishable under Portuguese Law, with imprisonment for a maximum equal to 3 years or more.

Individuals born in Portuguese territory and having no other nationality

It applies to persons born in Portuguese territory, children of foreign parents or stateless persons who prove that they have no other nationality.

Sons of foreign parents born in Portugal

It applies to:

  • Individuals born in Portuguese territory, children of foreigners, if at least one of the parents is also born in Portugal and resides Portugal, regardless of title, at the time of birth.
  • Individuals born in Portuguese territory, children of foreigners who are not in the service of their State, who do not declare not wanting to be Portuguese, provided that at the time of birth, one of the parents has been legally resident for at least two years.

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